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Princeton Chin

"Quick acting, motion offense with continuously flowing movements, heavily involving backdoor cuts, and is often facilitated by the Center."

- Can be initiated by everyone except the Center
- Initiates from the top and from the wing
- Each spot triggers two initial branch options, leading to two more branches for each
- Includes, backdoor cuts, pindowns, double screens, alley-oops, and open threes
- Offense flows well and resets from one branch to another, after branch completion
- Good spacing, briefly resets to a 5-out spread spacing, after full completion of branches, roughly with 4-5 seconds left on the shot clock if run smoothly, as last resort.

- Off-ball screens aren't as consistent as some other freelances (ex. Warriors)
- There's lots of branches, fairly deep freelance offense
- Some branch transitions from one to the next get clogged, and feel clunky

Best Suited For:
- Teams that have capable shooters & ball handlers (PG, SG, SF, PF)
- A passing bigman isn't necessary, but is a big plus

- Even though the offense can be initiated, by anyone 1-4, it's best initiated by your best offensive player regardless of their position (per example, I was using Tatum at PF above).

- A very good base offense to run with a passing big and/or skilled small-ball lineup

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