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"Another flow offense, geared more towards Wing success, pairs well with Flow and Warriors, to complete the Triad of Flow Offenses"


- Flow based offense

- Wing focused

- Branches trigger all over the court

- Can be initiated by 1-4 (technically), and even the 5 with some imagination

- Fundamentally a 4-In 1-Out offense, but can achieve a 5-Out look with some improvisation

- Great spacing for modern game, with heavy emphasis on open 3's and PnR actions


- Majority of the branches are short/quick actions deadended by a PnR, but this is somewhat offset by the fact that you can flow right into another branch rather quickly

- Some of the branches include reads for the AI, sometimes they may vary, but they don't stray far from the fundamentals of the design, just small tweaks

- Not much action for the Center, other than as a screener, but this can be worked around by improvising a 5-Out offense as the ball handler, as well as initiating from the post.

Best Suited For:

- Teams that have a superstar SF/PF and want to highlight them

- Complementary ball handlers, since theres lots of PnR actions for 1-4


- The freelance says it's suited for players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, but I felt it suited Kevin Durant very well, also. Any superstar wing/forward that can slash and shoot, is who this offense is catered towards.

- If planning to improvise a 5-Out, having a Center with decent passing is a huge plus, especially if you're needing to pass it into the corners from up top.
- Even if it's not designed to utilize the post, you can use Post Entries to get straight into a Strong-side offense, if your Star Wing is on that side.

- Play to your strengths, use the 5-Out to setup your Star for success, feed it directly to him in the corner, or play it through him on the wing. Gives you the ability to choose between branches, based on where your Star is located on the court.

- Don't neglect the post, big man gets hungry too, don't forget some Bully Ball
- Pairs very well with both the Flow and Warriors Freelances. Warriors is for shooters. But Flow is the guard focused flow based freelance, as Pace is the wing focused flow based freelance. Pair them together, to get all of your shooters going, or cater to who has the hot hand.

- A great base offense. With a good understanding of it's design, and with the help of a little improvisation, can become even better. Customizable offense, can be easily tailored to fit the needs of your Star wing player, and set him up for success.

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