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Hawks 2018

Important Notes:
- Is a very heliocentric offense, in the sense everything revolves around the PG. With certain branches triggering based on the PG's location on the court, with or without the ball.
- These are the branches I could replicate time & time again, with some rhyme and reason as to why/where they trigger. There are 2-3 others I would get randomly but could never replicate them with any real foundation as to why.

- PG focused, for superstar scoring point guards
- Good pace and tempo, short branches, simple actions for the most part
- Gives multiple different looks, a Triangle look, a 5-Out look, and also a 1-4 High look but is generally just a high PnR, so nothing special triggering from there.
- Good spacing for modern game, with heavy emphasis on screens/double screens

- Plays more like a bunch of set plays, rather than a freelance. Doesn't flow from one branch to another, aside from one or two branches.
- Many of the branches include multiple reads, where the AI is able to make a decision based on the defense and breaks off, can lead to inconsistency in the offense.
- Complex to an extent, because the branches revolve around the PG's position on the court regardless whether they have the ball or not. Unlike other Freelances, where the branches trigger based on the ball handler's position on the court. Takes some adjustment.

Best Suited For:
- Teams that have a superstar PG, capable of attacking on all fronts
- Complementary ball handlers, since PG plays off-ball in some branches

- The freelance says it's suited for players like Trae Young, but with all of the opportunities to attack downhill, I think it's actually better suited for slashing types who can shoot. (Ja Morant)
- The PF has a good deal of ball handling duties, in certain branches, while the PG is off-ball, so its probably beneficial to have a skilled SF/PF in this position on offense.
- With all of the PnR, DHO, and opportunities to attack downhill creates a huge need for a Lob Threat at the Center position, and shooters surrounding your PG in this scheme.

- A good offense to get rolling downhill. Lots of great actions to get quick buckets, but it plays out more like a collection of set pieces rather than a freeflowing offense. Single or double actioned branches deadended by a PnR, followed by long resets to back into another branch. Few too many points where AI has the chance to make a read, and completely botches the play (curling in towards the hoop off a double screen, rather than popping out for 3. Abandoning screens early to roll towards the hoop in traffic, so you end up with no screen, therefore no play, and have to reset.)

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