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"Easy flowing, simple, guard-oriented, perimeter centric offense, with quick actions resulting in easy buckets."

- Guard oriented, perimeter offense
- Initiates from the top and from the wing
- Each spot triggers two variations each, similar actions but different branching- Lots of offball screens, pindowns and flares to get open threes
- Like the name states, the offense has a nice flow to it, its smooth
- Good spacing for modern gamestyle

- Only initiated by positions 1-3
- In some cases, too perimeter oriented, lacking in play design for scoring inside the arc, but this can be accounted for and remedied by user.
- Some variations involving back-to-back screens in consecutive branches, can get clogged up, and cancel the branch altogether. Still rare, but less rare than we'd like.

Best Suited For:
- Teams that have great shooters & good ball handlers 1-3 (PG, SG, SF)
- A popper at the PF position for branch terminations
- A skilled bigman is not needed, but always a nice addition

- Being heavily guard oriented with spot up opportunities for 1-3, the PF/C are left out of the picture by design. But can always be counted on, at the end of most branches of the freelance, as either a roller, popper, or post-up threat on the block. Utilize these opportunities, as they're often open/available but looked over.

- A good flowing base offense to run a perimeter centric attack. Ball handler and shooter reliant. Pairs well with, Pace, another Flow Offense freelance

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