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Denver 2018

Important Notes:
- Although, the game's description says it's designed for player's like Nikola Jokic, passing isn't really a huge necessity, and it's a shame that none of the offense can be initiated by the Center.
- Not only can you not "run" the offense like Jokic, for a 5-Out perimeter centric offense, outside shooting at the Center position is a non-factor, as there are no opportunities to do so.
- There is a weird *Bonus Branch*, I ran across while testing this offense with multiple teams, and only 3 Centers seem to spark it. No identifiable reason why that is, yet.

- 5-Out spacing
- Can be initiated by any player 1-4, excluding the Center
- Open threes, PnR, DHOs, and even some mismatch creation for Post-Ups.
- Easy to use, once you've grasped an understanding of the 4 main branches
- Flows quite well, can move from branch to branch rather quickly, includes reliable resets

- It's only a 5-Out offense, doesn't offer any other looks. More shallow than other freelances.
- Only really initiates from 2 positions on the court.
- Wing offense, is the foundation of the freelance. Even then, there are only 4 total branches, and realistically it's more like 2 variants each, of 2 branches. The branches selection seems AI based, and can feel random at times.
- The Top offense lacks even more depth, as it is only 2* branches, with an asterisk applied. From the Top, Option 1, is simply a BH screen, then Wing Option 1, followed by an additional PnR and/or Post-Up for the Center. From the Top, Option 2, is quite literally a BH screen, followed by a DHO, followed by any of the 4 Wing Options, at random.
- The Corner offense is practically nonexistent, it's a worse and more clunky version than that of the Philly Elbow freelance. (Although, said clunkiness can be of use, if used correctly).
- Not too certain how much of a con this is, but it's surely not a pro, but there's a certain randomness relative to this freelance, with how it decides which of the 4 branches to run out of the Wing.

Best Suited For:
- Quick guards who can get moving downhill off the PnR and DHO
- Complementary ball handlers, and outside shooters
- Skilled bigman, capable of playing in the post (passing is a plus, but not truly necessary)

- The freelance says it's suited for teams with perimeter oriented PF/C, who are skilled passers, and gives the example of Nikola Jokic. But realistically, there's only one branch where passing comes into play with the Center, so it's not actually a need of the offense. With all of the opportunities to attack downhill, I think it's actually better suited for slashing types guards, and low-post bigmen. Like the duo of Dejounte Murray/Jakob Poeltl or DeAaron Fox/Domantas Sabonis. I also found lots of success with a team like the Lakers, Westbrook/LeBron/Davis.
- The PF has a good deal of ball handling duties, so its beneficial to have an offensively skilled forward at this position, and probably the SF position as well. [Typically two SF's for this lineup]
- With all of the PnRs & DHOs, it creates an opportunity to attack downhill opening a void for a finisher at the rim, out of the Center position. Doesn't necessarily need to be a Lob Threat, but having one (Anthony Davis) who is also good in the low-post is a huge benefit.
- The clunkiness of the corner offense, halts the cutter briefly near the low block. This can be used to your advantage, if you have a SF/PF who is a solid post scorer. Initiate the offense from the Wing with the Forward of your choosing, pass it to the corner, let the offense initiate, and feed him on the low block when the time comes, or hit him on the cut (in the rarest of times that it actually works correctly).

- A solid offense to run, with great spacing for the modern game. Plays with a nice pace and flow to it. Super easy to run once you understand the main branches it relies on, and how to recognize them ahead of time as they're happening. Only real issue is that it's fairly shallow, but this can easily be solved by pairing it with one or two other freelances that you feel comfortable with.

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