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"Albeit described as an offense catered to perimeter oriented PF's and C's, this offense feels more aimed towards quick guards and low-post scorers. It's a 5-Out offense, with modern spacing, utilizing off-ball screens to get shooters open, as well as tons of PnRs & DHOs for getting your guards moving downhill. Unfortunately, is rather shallow in it's number of looks and sets that it offers, only giving a 5-Out look, and initiating (well) from two locations on the court. Surprisingly enough, still offers a good inside-out feel, with it's slashing attacks, mismatched post-ups, and screen heavy scheme resulting in lots of open 3's. Teams like the Spurs (Murray), Kings (Fox/Sabonis), and Lakers (Westbrook/James/Davis) come to mind as good fits when using this freelance."

Denver 2018


"Flow offense, with a philosophy revolving around weakside actions, and continuous off-ball movements. Relies on a lot of simultaneous off-ball screens, with the hope of stretching the defense out one way or another, causing matchup mayhem, with the end goal of finding peace amidst the chaos. Runs the gamut in terms of screen usage, back screens, flares, pindowns, doubles, etc. Great offense for open. jumpshots, pairs well with the other flow schemes, but in particular is best suited for guards with an emphasis on outside scoring. Players like Dame, C.J, and Bradley Beal come to mind."

Hawks 2018

"A heliocentric offensive scheme, revolving around a superstar PG, and relying heavily on ball-screens+dribble-handoffs to free them up for scoring opportunities. For having such a sole focus and priority, it's fairly varied in it's sets, offering multiple different looks, giving it immense depth, making it the most complex of all the freelances so far. Great for scoring guards, particularly downhill scoring guards, who are capable of shooting threes, but not reliant on it. A player like Ja Morant comes to mind."


"One prong of the Flow offense Trident spearheading the movement shaping modern basketball. Has many of the same philosophies as the Flow offense, but is less guard-centric, and more wing oriented. Still relies on off-ball screens, but utilizes far more direct PnR actions, as well as DHO actions to let the stars take the wheel. Offers a good amount of flexibility in the sets it presents. Caters well towards highly-skilled superstar wing talents, capable of taking defenders one-on-one, as well as shoot over the top of them. Players like Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum come to mind."

"Even in the modern-game, there comes a time for a Post-Centric gameplan, and this is it. While focusing heavily on the post, with the Center, it maintains great spacing for the modern game, and doesn't sacrifice outside scoring to feed the post. Most of the branches either start, or end, with the Center, being the focal point of the offense. Lot's of open three opportunities around the perimeter, mixed with some PnR actions, and heavy dose of 1-on-1 post-ups. Great offense for dominant post bigs, and surrounded by skilled players, capable of both shooting and handling the ball. But there is a fine line to be walked, depending on the dominance of the big man, it can actually hinder the freelance's ability to operate correctly. Players like DeAndre Ayton and Jonas Valanciunas come to mind, more so than KAT or Joel Embiid."

Philly Elbow

"Your old-fashioned, prototypical, motion offense, designed around constant off-ball movement and backdoor cuts for quick and easy buckets. Often times run through the Center in the high-post, allowing for all 4 skill players to find ways to get open, for easier scoring chances. Great offense for passing bigmen, or simply for Centers lacking in offensive firepower, but you still want them involved. Players like Sabonis, Bam, and Al Horford come to mind."

Princeton Chin

Princeton Chin

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