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2K Share Setups

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MB2K MyNBA Default

These are my default settings: custom sliders for all things contract, trade, progression, and simulation related. Your old faithful, Association mode. No RPG elements to slow you down, just a barebones 2K12 experience with custom improved free agency logic.

MB2K MyNBA Fantasy

Similar to the Default setup, as it's got all the bells & whistles, without the RPG elements. Prepped for a fresh new NBA Universe, settings like "Previously Traded Draft Picks" are disabled, returning everyone's draft picks to their rightful owner's. Comes default as Serpentine but can be changed.

MB2K MyNBA Fantasy (RPG)

A more in-depth dive into your Fantasy NBA universe. Player Morale and Team Chemistry are enabled, as are Conversations, and the Skill Tree comes as optional. You also gain access to all of the team's financials, changing prices, setting budgets, and signing endorsements A touch of MyGM without the Tasks & Trust, set in a brand new NBA landscape. My personal favorite option to play.


This is the "Default" settings replicated, but with all of the RPG elements enabled, including: Morale, Team Chemistry, Staff & Player Trust, Conversations, the Skill Tree, Tasks, and input on the Team's Staff Budget. Your familiar MyGM mode from year's past, but with custom sliders and the ability to edit your players.

MB2K MyNBA Governor (RPG)

A challenging and different experience. It's a very "hands-off" mode. Utilizing the "Default" settings, with some RPG elements enabled, and a handful of automated team tasks. Playing the role of the Governor, you'll be focused on building a Championship Contender, without access to the NBA Draft, Free Agency, or the Trade Market.

MB2K MyNBA Hybrid (RPG)

No different than the "Default", except for a couple RPG elements such as: Conversations, Morale, and Team Chemistry, carrying the ability to have input on the Team Staff Budget.

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